"There are three responses to a piece of design yes, no, and wow! Wow is the one to aim for” – Milton Glaser.

Team - Satej MedInnova 

Perpetual Innovators

A team of perpetual innovators motivated by the vision of working to create path-breaking solutions for indigenising & redefining the Healthcare Sector of

Dr. Satish Deopujari

Director: Shree Clinics,
Professor emeritus IGGMC, Nagpur
Adjunct professor of practice
( Mechanical Engineering ) . VNIT , Nagpur.
Chairman academics, Nelson mother and child hospital, Nagpur, India
Ex. Chairman National ( Pediatric Intensive chapter 1998- 2000 India )
Dr Satish Deopujari is physician with an interest in interdisciplinary research, till date he is the largest creator of most  downloaded critical-care apps.
He has also developed a sensor at the tip of ET tube , this project is with BITS Goa. Developed oxygen helmet with IIIT Bombay and was involved with various project with Prof Ramesh form IIT Bombay. Since 2014 he has created various simulators for teaching ventilatory functions.
He is a mentor for this project SATEJ and like he has been for many academic projects and has devoted his life for education . His interest is purely academic and in applications of technology to medical sciences specially with respiratory system.
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Mr. Mukund Deshmukh

has a rich experience of 38 years in the field of Industrial Electronics. He is currently managing Beta Computronics Pvt Ltd, and is looking after designing of industrial products. He has also implemented wireless technology, neural network, deep learning and machine learning in numerous products.
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Mr. Tejas Kshatriya

is an innovator by nature. He has registered more than 40 US patents under his name. He is currently the Associated Vice President of KPIT. He has received Marico Innovation award for AMBU based ventilator.
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Mr. Ashutosh Gawade

Mechanical Engineer. He has been working extensively on electrical vehicles, advance technologies & it's applications. He heads Business Development and Operations at eAdicct , a leading pedlec (pedal assisted ebike) start up in India. Earlier he worked with groups like Volkswagen Motorsport , Skoda Auto Volkswagen India & Eaton Hydraulics.

In ventilator domain, his focus would be on 'Product Thinking'.
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Mr. Kushal Dhokare

Mechanical engineer. He has wide experience on design and development of variety of engineering applications with major focus on electric vehicle technology. He heads new product development activities at eAdicct . Earlier he worked with Advik high-tech in Quality Department. He will be contributing to the product engineering of the ventilator.
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Mr. Abhay Santoshwar

is a mechanical engineer working with Ventilator and high end medical equipment for more than 25 years. He has conducted numerous workshops on mechanical ventilation and has deep interest in the field of Ventilator applications. He is instrumental in designing the mechanical section of this ventilator.
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Mr. Latesh Agrawal

is a pioneer in the automation sector. He has developed automatic fire detection and suppression system for Ordnance Factory, which detects fire and starts suppression within 500 milliseconds.
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Legendary Indivudals

Each member of our team  is unique and carries a legacy of work behind him

Fuelled by Passion

We are motivated by our passion to realise our mission

Unparalleled Experience

Between the founders, Satej posses the much needed experience & exposure

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